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NEW AMP - LOW GURGLE in Front Speakers

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  • NEW AMP - LOW GURGLE in Front Speakers

    This post is about a 2007 Mazda MX-5 with stock speakers. The stock speakers split the channel in the front and go to separate tweeter and woofer.

    So I just finally was able to hook up this new amp. It's a small, low-power amp. The JVC KS-AX3002. (Picture attached). I had it hooked up to a laptop for testing.

    Upon start-up, music did pour forth! (Front left channel only. I only had the front left hooked up).

    I lowered the volume and listened and the tweeter (above) sounded good, but the low frequencies (below) were full of gurgle and a "shuffle" where low frequencies should have been. I thought that maybe I had blown the speaker.

    So I kept the volume low and hooked it up to front right and it's the same thing, so it couldn't be blown.

    NOW, assuming I have done everything right with the amp, (and I know some of you will hit on the switch for high pass and low pass, but I checked that already), I think it has to do with the frequencies getting split at the speakers. How do I fix THAT? What do I do?


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    sounds like a ground loop-- how is your power wires connected?
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      My power wire is hooked to the battery and the ground is hooked to a grounding point on the frame.

      Wouldn't that affect the tweeters, too?


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        if you think it is a frequency issue then disconnect the tweeter and turn the amp to low pass but at a higher freq like 2500hz (if it has that range as an option) and play it just over the woofers and see how it sounds. If it still makes the noise you have another issue. If it fixes it then you need to get crossovers for the speakers.

        In the factory setup did the tweeter and woofers have separate wires to the factory system or did they tie together? If they were separate all the way then the factory unit did all the crossover work to split the frequencies.

        If that is that case then you should get in line crossovers (cheap solution) or get a separate amp for the the tweeters and woofers and use the crossovers on the amps to do it.