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    hi im new too this site so i want to make it simple i was planing on getting two KENWOOD KAC-9104D MONO amps, thinking of useig them on 2 12 w7 or diamond audio subs. I would like to use a 0 gauge main wire and a dual amp fuse holder but im lost when it comes to calulte what size fuse to get, is there a site that can help me cause i know later on i may choose difernt kinds of amps but like to know how to choose the rite fuse...

    my 2nd question would be if anyone can give me some advice on choosen some good bass hitting subs an amps i like a good clean bass plus i knwo some use caps should i use them how bout useing oGuage wire rite know my project car is a ford expoler but i have a lil civic hatbac soo smaller space then a ford.. anyways if u can help please give me your option thanks