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Can this amp power these subs?

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  • Can this amp power these subs?

    I'm planning to get these subs

    and wanted to know if this amp could power them, and if they would fit in a 1 cubic foot per sub sealed box.

    If they can't what type of amp should I get?
    If they can, will an 8 gauge install kit work?


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    they will work as long as you bridge them to a 4ohm load..(i use those subs and a 150x2rms sony amp, in bridged mode.)

    the rms power rating should be the same or as close as possible (ignore max ratings, and if any local car audio shop starts talking to you about max ratings, RUN!!!)

    just match up the numbers
    the subs:
    600 watts max output
    300 watts RMS rated

    the amp:
    RMS Power Rating:
    4 ohms: 95 watts x 2 chan.
    2 ohms: 120 watts x 2 chan.
    Bridged, 4 ohms: 240 watts x 1 chan.

    for box size, 1cu.ft is a little on the lean side, but should work-
    Sealed Box Volume 0.8 - 3 cubic feet
    Ported Box Volume 1.25 - 1.75 cubic feet

    i like to line my boxes with fiberglass insulation (the real stuff that makes you itch, the polyfil junk don't work the same, i tried it once)-- it reduces vibrations inside the box, and makes the sub sound a little better.

    for cables, check one of the many power cable guides available on the internet (google is your friend )

    btw, this forum is mainly for car computers, so just keep in mind that car audio only questions usually get answered a little faster on a car audio forum..
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