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Noob/ amp will not power on!

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  • Noob/ amp will not power on!

    Hello members of! I'm quite puzzled at why my amp won't turn on. First i will say i had a setup like this before a friend hooked up for me that did work originally in this same car.

    I have a 2k cavalier with a 750wt amp hooked to a 12" 1100 wt sub. I used a 1200wt amp wiring kit i purchased from wally world, the power cable with in line fuse is connected directly to the terminal, and the fuse is still good. The ground is attached to a metal plate in my trunk with a steel screw screwed through the metal plate, with a washer over it for good measure torqued to the plate. Said plate is attached to the frame. The remote wire is connected to where the previous one was, some wire in the cd player wiring harness. So i turn on the car and nothing. Not even a power led lighting up. What could be my problem? Power cord definitely gets power, it sparked when it touched metal in my trunk. Me and my friend are at a loss as to what to do. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Power and ground are both 6g wire btw.

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    Originally posted by Soapy_Spunk View Post
    Power cord definitely gets power, it sparked when it touched metal in my trunk.
    You sure about that? Maybe it use to get power but probably no longer after the "spark" incident. Check your fuse for the power wire under the hood.
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      You really need to check everything with a volt meter.
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        Try to run the power wire to both your 12v screw on your amp AND to the remote screw. if it turns on, you know that there is something wrong with your remote wire. I know that I've touched my 12v wire to the chassis a few times and it didn't pop the fuse, but it's a good idea to check it anyways.


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          ya the ol'-"touch it to somethin"-voltmeter isn't a good idea

          and im sorry if this sounds dumb but u never really explained what happened...

          Facts we know are:

          -you had a similar set up in the same car done by someone else
          -6 awg positive wire set up with a good fuse
          -some other stuff about a plate, screw, and a washer in the trunk, for a ground
          -the remote wire is stuck to the same wire as before, which ever wire that may be

          Facts that were left out:

          -what happened to the previous set up? is it being replaced because it too no longer worked correctly?
          -is the amp new? used? do you know it works? are the amps fuse/s good
          -what are the amps and ohms of your set up? simple watt ratings are vague
          -do we know the amp will power on with out an input signal?
          -have you tried jumping from the 12v+ terminal to the Remote terminal with something like a paper clip simply to rule out a faulty remote wire/connection? (tmproff beat me to this one)

          Things to solve:

          -start with the ground... that sounds like an ify set up
          -find out what wire your trying to use for the remote, check it with a meter to verify that it has 12v+, when you want it to
          -check power wire with meter