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    I am planning to get a mra-d550 alpine amp and interface it directly with my carpc(eepc 701). But i seems to have ai-net in , changer -in and a controller in.

    here is a pic

    Would I be able to buy a rca to ai-net like this

    and use a 3.5 mm to rca female cable to get it all together? I think the eepc 701 has a 5.1 channel inbuilt soundcard

    Is this possible or should I get a non- alpine amp.

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    If that were even possible, using the 3.5 out of the PC would make having that amp pointless especially since it has digital inputs. If I remember correctly, I looked into getting this amp when it was new, and as it turns out there is only one way to use that amp and that is if you have a compatible alpine headunit .

    When I looked into this amp before, I "thought" you could use the RUX-C701 as the controller for stand alone use to control volume and other sound adjustments just like it does with the PXA-H701 processor. Then all you would need from your PC is an optical output. But as it turns out that it is not possible especially since it uses different plugs for the controller, and that amp doesn't even have a remote turn on port so you couldn't even turn it on.

    So, it's sole purpose is to use it with a specific series of headunits.

    I ended up going with the PXA-H701 instead and using different amps.
    I'm not saying that saying you should go non-alpine for the amps, Hell I own 2 of their PDX amps myself. I just saying that you should stay away from that one if you are doing a computer without a headunit.
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      That amp's Ai-Net and optical inputs were intended to be used with Alpine DVD headunits. When the optical inputs are used, the RCA inputs are disabled. I have the DVA-9860 with is perfect for that amp. I decided not to go with that amp because it is only 4 ohm stable and the pre-outs on the deck are disabled when the optical out is used. Otherwise, it sounds great as a mobile theater amp.