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Looking for a good replacement for my Stock Saab radio

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  • Looking for a good replacement for my Stock Saab radio

    Hey guys, I'm new here and need some input on a new headunit.

    I have a 1989 Saab 900, and while mostly everything works on the car, the stock 20 year old Clarion radio is in need of an upgrade.

    I'm not looking for anything wicked fancy or expensive, but I am looking for a good head unit, that is backlit green(to match the rest of the interior lighting), and has inputs for both an iPod and an aux input.

    While I have found a few pioneers that fit the bill, they have only a front USB connection. I want things to look clean and there for looking for a HU with rear auxin/iPod inputs.

    I've heard great things about Pioneer's, and Alpine. I am also planing on upgrading the speakers at some point as well. But first, the headunit.

    Thanks for the help, Dan

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    welcome to mp3car!!

    being that you only have one post, i have to warn you-- this forum is primarily for installing computers in cars, so audio advice is a little slim, esp. for head unit selection (most of us don't use one any more). but you are welcome to stick around!

    now, onto your question-- my brother has a pioneer 5300UB(i think-but it is a old model now, and is discontinued..) that has rear only usb ports, but after a search, most of the units with rear usb are at least $180..
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      Ah, alright.

      I'm not at that point just yet. Some how I don't think I'll get to the CarPC point at all with this car.

      Good to know. I'll keep searching.

      Thanks, Dan