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2003 Audi A4 Car Speakers

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  • 2003 Audi A4 Car Speakers

    As of right now, I have 2 CompVR Kicker subs powered by a Kenwood 9104d mono amp.

    Over this summer, I'm looking to replace the head unit, and all the car speakers. Basically what I'm looking for is somewhere I can find information about all the car speakers, as google hasn't turned up anything conclusive. So far I've found many different sites, some saying I have as little as 4 speakers, some saying up to 10. Are there any sites with information telling me where and what size speakers I have?

    Also, I was wondering whether or not I will need a multi-channel amp to power all the speakers, and what kind of work that would entail. What I've found so far is that if I don't get an amp, I can just use all the factory wiring to hook up new speakers, while if I do choose to use an amp, would I have to redo all the wiring, and if not, what kind of wiring would be involved? Also, what kind of wiring am I looking at for replacing the head unit and the speakers at the same time, with or without an amp?

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    This is a forum about installing computers in your automobile. While there is the inevitable integration with car audio, you will likely get better answers on forums dedicated to car audio rather than mobile computing.
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      for a rough estimate, i like to use to get a general idea of what can be used. (my last car, a 94 chrysler lebaron was listed as having 5-1/4" speakers, when i could really fit 6" speakers)

      if you want to be specific, grab a tape measure, some tools, and start pulling panels.
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