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which head unit works with remote faceplate

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  • which head unit works with remote faceplate

    I need to know which head unit will work with remote faceplate. Extension cable will be long 60cm. Does anyone has this kind of install? I understand that with new headunits the problem is voltage drop if extension cable is too long.

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    i don't think there has ever been a guide to which ones work, and which don't. you'll just have to try and see!!

    i have a theory that newer faceplates will be easier to relocate then older ones, because some of the older ones can have pretty big draw due to some of the old inefficient parts they use, but i have nothing to back this up in any way..
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      Hmm, after reading some posts about remoting faceplate i think problem is that newer faceplates uses some micro elements that are more energy efficient and need less power so less curent is send from radio.

      I have ried jvc kd r901 and it does not work. Cable length 60cm.

      Someone replied to this question on another forum: pioneer p77 does work. Unknown cable length.