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Wiring from speaker to PC

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  • Wiring from speaker to PC

    My mom just bought a 2010 Nissan Altima (no nav or bose). I'm going to install the car PC but my dilemma is this: There's not really a place to neatly install an amp, she doesn't want it in the trunk. There's also nowhere to put the screen other than the stock HU location. Is there any way to directly connect the speaker wire to a sound card? Do they make a special sound card for CarPC purposes?


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    The audio signal from the PC needs some form of amplification to drive the speakers.
    I suggest looking into either line drivers or a marine amplifier.

    And if your wife is dictating rules about your vehicle PC install, I wish you luck. Spouses and vehicle projects rarely work well together, unless all are onboard.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      another suggestion-- search for motorcycle amps on ebay-- most are less then $50, and are usually a little larger then a US dollar bill.

      i know some members have installed carpc's in spouses vehicles before, but that does add a certain amount of complexity to the install-- because it NEEDS to just work, where if it is your own car, and it doesn't work, you can fix it later..
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        Bad thing is's not his's his mom...even worse!!!


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          Yeah unless she's 100% on board with getting a CarPC I wouldn't do it. But that's me.
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