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  • Yet another Noob question

    Here is another noobish carpc to amp question.
    I got a 4 ch amp Pioneed gm 6400f. Here is a link to it

    and here is a pic of the input it takes

    and the Boss bass 1200 sub and woofer package which has this wiring diag

    My questions on this are.
    1. The EEPC has a 5.1 channel single 3.5 mm out jack. Can I split the 3.5 mm to two 3.5 mm splitters?then use one of the 3.5 mm sockets to split again into two more 3.5 mm sockets ( leaving me with three 3.5 mm sockets). And use these with a 3.5 mm to RCA Y cable for both the amps?

    2. If not what are my options. Since I did invest a lot of money in the amp and speakers, I would definitely like good sound quality.

    3. I did think about getting usb soundcards, but the eepc has only 3 usb plugs available. I have a ton of extra pheripherals....

    Any suggestions?

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    1-3: that is pretty much what you will need to do, i prefer to suggest using 3.5mm-rca y adapters right from the carpc, and then use rca-rca y-adapters to get it to both amps, but really either way will work fine-- both solutions will get the audio signal to the amps.

    from there, use the crossover controls on the amps to control what speakers get what signal.

    also, i don't remember in the 4ch amp will distribute a 2 ch input to all speakers, so in a effort to try to save some money, try hooking it up in 2 channel mode first, and if it doesnt work for all speakers, then add 2 more rca y-adapters to get 4 channels of inputs.

    the general rule of electronics is that for every connection made, there is a small amount of loss. the reality is that this loss is generally so small, you would need to use expensive audio testing equipment to see it..
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      if you want it...

      Well, it all depends on your opinion of "good clean sound".
      Y-adapters will probably do fine...follow Soundman98's advise.
      If, by chance, that "lost" too much for your tastes then you might want to try a pre-amp between the sound card and all the y-adapters. OR, you could try an equalizer...OR, you could try a line-level crossover (they have "pre-amp's" in them), OR-OR-OR, you could try a combination of the above. Be sure that whatever you try in this arena is of the "mid grade to high grade" variety because you are dealing with very low voltage levels and "noise" is inherently possible here.