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Car Audio - General and Software tuning questions

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  • Car Audio - General and Software tuning questions

    Hello, Im currently buying and preparing for the install of my car audio system.

    This is my system at present:

    Genesis series 3 Compact four
    Genesis series 3 four channel
    Focal K2P power 6.5" Component set
    Laptop with digital out
    Cambridge Audio Dacmagic Dac
    Clarion Eqs764

    My queries reside over how, as id like to go active with the crossovers, I would go about doing this purely via software. Now I know theres such a thing as Frequency allocated which is utilised through a vst host however ive heard it only works with soundcards with 5 channel output, my dac has stereo left and right. I will be using Foobar player set to ASIO playback running to the DAC which will then be connected via 2 Y splitters to both amps ( 1 Amp will power the tweeters - 1 Amp will power the 6.5"'s).

    Now Will I need to use VAC? and is it possible to use frequency allocator to process the crossovers to turn my system into an active system which will then filter to the amps to power the speakers? The current focal component system uses passive crossovers but because im going to be using seperate amps bridged for the the seperate tweeters and seperate midbass I can only use the two passive crossover boards with the tweeters, I will then need to use software to set the crossover for the midbass because theres only a low pass filter on the amp i.e I need the software crossover to cap the 6.5's at a low pass of 85hz and a high pass of say 500hz or whatever the passive board is set to.

    I hope ive made sense, im new to car audio , especially the realm of car pc - ing and the setting up of crossovers to active e.t.c

    Basically what im trying to figure out is how to set a 2 channel crossover digitally? two amps, both bridged to seperate speakers, tweeters and midbass. How do i indivudually set crossover points, high and low pass whilst maintaining a 2 channel output from my DAC.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advanced,

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    in short, no.

    for every crossover you setup, you need a output for it as well.

    you could setup a crossover for the left/right channels, so that your speakers aren't being pushed too hard, but that is about it with what you have.
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      Shame you don't have a pci slot, i've just installed Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZX with KX project drivers, and all i can say is.... how did i ever manage without! only just getting my head around working the dsp, but have setup crossovers for front and rear speakers, and set crossover for subs, and just been fiddling with time alignment for speaker distances, its excellent, it now sounds as though i'm sat bang in the centre of both front speakers, instead of being 3/4 of the way towards one side! on the other hand i'll bet it sounds like a$$ in the passenger side, but i don't care lol
      Progress: ~99%
      Fitted, Running.
      boot install to tidy when better weather arrives