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  • Can someone post....

    A link to a website with information on everything I need to know about car audio? I am a noob when it comes to electronics/sound....

    I know nothing on what amps to buy/subs/speakers...

    Also, what are you guys running?

    Amp, Subwoofer, Speakers -- all that stuff would be great just to help me get some ideas

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    have a look in this thread. I am sure that there are more than enough links there to get you started.
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      car audio...

      car audio is kinda like buying a GET what you pay for. How deep is your wallet? Do you mind "old" equipment or are you one of those who wants a "good new amp"? remember, some of the old stuff is FAR better than the new crap! I personally have 4 amplifiers that are well over 10 years old and use all 4 daily with no problems. what are you looking for? what kind of "ear" do you have? what kind of music do you listen to? how loud do you like your music?


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        yes i can post... is also a good start.

        audio is a very subjective area--there is never a single component, or brand that everyone is perfectly happy with. for instance: i hate the current rockford fosgate lineup, but have run into many people that love the lineup, and hate what i have--and neither of us are wrong... the only judge you should ever worry about impressing is yourself-- unless someone else offers to buy you the equipment

        and btw: this forum is primarily for installing computers in cars, so audio tends to take a back seat to this-- so just keep it in mind
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          Thanks guys! I like bass, a lot


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            There are a couple good threads here and reading over in the audio forum has been a help too. It was said before, but you get what you pay for. I have also ran into situations that what works in one model of car does not work in another. Two 12s in a trunk of one car might not work as good as 2 10s...

            I spent an afternoon talking with the guys at a local install shop pulling lot of good info from them. You may want to stop by and have a chat with some shops as well.
            The best forum start place is here but damned if I could find it. I had spent several weeks on the forum before finding it.


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              If you like a LOT of good sounding bass, I strongly suggest the MTX 7500 series! I have had MANY different series' and brands of woofers, from JL all the way to Pyramid, and I FIRMLY believe MTX is one of the best for absolute output, clarity, musicality, and longevity. I have put my (4), personally owned, 10's through some of the worst situations in an effort to show customers what they are capable of and they have NEVER let me down. I can NOT say the same for JL, JBL, Pioneer, Kicker (although they only let me down once!!!), and MANY cheap subs! If you choose MTX, I suggest the 7500's because they have a long-throw design but they are still VERY musical...AND, they CAN handle square-waves which means they will handle a tremendous amount of distortion and heat before they "blow". Above the 7500's they move more air but they are much less musical...if you are competing, and don't care how they sound, go for the 9500's but your autoPC will have to be outside the car because your hard drives will rattle apart!


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       is a goldmine of excellent newbie-type and advanced car audio reading. as said, you have to decide what kind of sound you want (accurate or loud and bangin) and then match those desires with the different brands out there.

                your budget will be the biggest deciding factor... expect to spend at least $300 for a sub and amp, and $100 for a pair of full range speakers is about the least you will want to spend. if you dont have at least $500 to kick around, keep saving money.