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Power issue with amplifier for sub

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  • Power issue with amplifier for sub

    I'm really hoping someone here might be able to help me work out my power issue. I just installed a 2 x 75w amp to run a 1 x 12" sub (bridged). I've has this equipment in a previous car and it was straight forward. I used a new wiring kit and everything went smoothly, however the power led on my amp is not switching on. I don't have a multimeter, so I'm not 100% sure if the trigger wire is sending voltage to it. What I did notice however, was that if I (accidentally) short the positive speaker terminal with the outside of the amp chassis, the speaker pushes out and the power led comes on (it makes a thud noise). Can anybody tell me what this means?? To me it shows the amp is receiving some power, and I'm now wondering if its grounded properly. The ground I used was a screw inside a compartment that holds the jack, which screws directly into the metal chassis of the car.
    Any suggestions pls?? Newbie needs help

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    a multimeter will very likely help make trouble shooting easier-- many models can be had for less then $15(i have seen this model for as cheap as $3)

    shorting the speaker terminals really doesn't mean anything... you will really need to check the power connections at the amp to make sure it is getting the proper power.

    also, as a first poster in the car audio section, i should let you know that this forum is dedicated mainly to installing computers in cars, so audio advice is a little on the slim side. your welcome to stick around, just keep in mind that audio specific questions can take a while to get a response. if you are looking for some dedicated audio sites, there is a sticky at the top of this section.
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      Thanks I actually ended up fixing this today. The problem was a poor connection at the grounding point. I just had to sand away a little bit of paint around the bolt. The help is much appreciated.