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  • What amp do i need

    I have two kicker comp vr 10inch subs and the total RMS is 800rms so what amp do i need and what are some brands yall recommend?

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    a amp that matches the rms value of the speakers your powering.

    there really isn't a brand that is better then others-- most are really on par with each other--that, and i hate giving brand recommendations, because there are so many brands, and what works good for me might not be what you really need..

    also, as a first poster,i should let you know that this is primarily a site for installing computers in cars, so audio specific advice is a little slim... your welcome to stick around though!
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      u need to get an 400 rms amp as long its CEA-2006 complant amp it dont matter what amp to get

      because you have 2 of them i would get an kicker kv 400.1 its 400 rms at 2 ohms
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