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JVC KD-R810 Hack?

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  • JVC KD-R810 Hack?

    Does anyone know of a hack for JVC faceplates that get them to display what ever I want it to say or at the very least change the limited display options? I would like my Sirius to be a double display with artist name on top and song title underneath instead of the channel on top with the song name OR artist scrolling on the bottom. The Sirius adaptation in this model sucks and I wish I just kept the physical Sirius until on my windshield.

    Thanks in advance,


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    sorry, i don't know of any hacks for radio units-- though i believe that some of those limitations are based on the satellite add-on box, or the accessory bus network module, and not the radio.

    i used to have 2 different pioneer decks at different times, and used the same pioneer xm radio add-on box with both, and it displayed the same poor, single line of info at a time-- even when there was more lines on the display available...

    also, i should let you know, this forum is primarily dedicated to installing computers in cars, so car audio is usually lower on the list. there might be some better, more knowledgeable car audio experts in one of the car audio dedicated forums listed in the sticky at the top of this forum area.
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