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How to install a dvd player in 02 escalade

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  • How to install a dvd player in 02 escalade

    i have a 2002 escalade and i changed the regular hea dunit for a aftermarket cd player and it came with a cd changer and i want to put a dvd player in that spot i know i can hook it up to the rca's on the radio but i want to know how to wire it for power and where to grab that from anyone that could help that would be greatly appreciated. and sorry if this si in the wrong spot im new here and i dont knowe where to put this post.

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    This website is primarly dedicated to putting computers in cars, so you would probably be better off asking your question on a car stereo dedicated forum rather than here, so you get the quickest answer possible.

    That being said, you should get power fused direct from the battery, rather than attempting to use the factory radio power lines for a dvd player, probably much safer and gives you more headroom in the wiring capability.
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