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What amp settings for 8 x 12 500W Spkrs?

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  • What amp settings for 8 x 12 500W Spkrs?

    I recently bought these speakers for my car:

    And this amplifier:

    I've been tampering around with the amp settings, and i've put the gain up to a 4/5 setting, but i dont know what to do about the hpf / lpf knob filter settings as this is my first amp.

    I've tried moving them up and down with no effect, but i think that's because i currently have a setting on my amp set on "flat", not sure.

    Anyway, all i listen to is Metal which doesn't require low bass frequencies, i just want really loud / clear volume with little bass.

    Can someone suggest me what settings i should use on the amp with those speakers?

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    the specific settings needed can vary by your own tastes, car design, and speakers...

    i have never seen, or heard automotive 2-way speakers larger then 6.5"(i have multiple home audio speakers that are larger then 6.5, but these have a enclosure that is prebuilt for the speaker, and i have never pushed these to audible cone breakup), so i really can't even recommend many settings.

    for 6.5's, i usually recommend a starting high pass crossover set at about 80hz though...

    also, this forum is primarily for installing computers in cars, so audio advice is a little on the slim side..
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