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Adding amp sub to stock HU

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  • Adding amp sub to stock HU

    Hi guys this is my first post so bear with me.

    my rig is a 98 ford ranger with stock Cd player

    Quick question, I would like to pick some brains.....So I want to keep my stock HU plus hook up an amp and a sub. I wired it yesterday splicing the rca's for the amp inputs directly to the rear speaker wires ++...--rca to +...- speaker(hi-level) kicked real good kinda distorted but the bass was killer. Then I hear you need a Line out converter Which will clean up the distortion and save my amp from frying due to excessive voltage through the amps low level input.. So I wired the speaker cable to hi-level inputs built into the amp...the sound has improved, clearer but the bass is not nearly as loud as before...So my question is will a hi-lo level converter improve bass over my hi/level inputs or should I try my luck go back to the way I first had it and let it bang? will this destroy my amp, a stock HU cant be putting out enough voltage to do any real damage can it?

    P.S. how hard would it be to add a 3.5mm Aux in to the stock HU I have a 3 wire 3.5mm jack from my old desktop will this be sufficient? I have two FM settings on the radio, can I convert one of those for use will the hypothetical AUX input?

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    So what about the PC?
    You do realize that these forums are focused on installing PCs in rides, right?

    1 - If the bass was distorted, I'd hardly call it "killer". But that's just me.
    2 - A hi-lo converter probably won't accomplish much more than the functionality built into your amp.
    3 - Don't run your hi-level into low-level inputs. Yes, it could damage your amp.
    4 - If your headunit has CD changer controls, there may be a device that allows you to use the CD changer input as an aux input.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      search, search, search... i found this in 1 minute..

      (it isn't so much that it bothers me to tell you, but that you will learn less when others find the answer for you, and i have learned that from personal experience..)

      for aftermarket sound equipment, i would really recommend a aftermarket deck-- i tried replacing the speakers first in my 96 ranger, and it barely helped the sound quality.. the aftermarket deck helped the most in clarity and loudness, and i could hook up a sub easily...
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