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Remote on/off troubleshooting

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  • Remote on/off troubleshooting

    I have an Profile California AP1040 amp that has served me well until now. The trouble started when the ground came loose and the amp went into protection mode. Ever since I securely reconnected the ground, it's had a problem with turning off. The amp will turn on and off remotely as it should, but it will come on by itself (w/o power to the head unit) after a few mins of being off. It will remain on and drain my car's battery if I don't disconnect the power manually. I've already checked the voltage from the remote lead and it appears normal. Also, I opened the amp up myself and found a rectifier, labeled FMU22U, with some brown grime on it. I removed it and tried to find a replacement, but no luck. Anyone have an idea of what might be causing it to remain on or how to obtain a replacement rectifier for the one I removed?