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Boss CX1800 amp problems

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  • Boss CX1800 amp problems

    Boss CX1800 amp with a Sony Xplode CDX-GT340 CD player

    Okay so I just installed last night but I have nothing but the damn red protect light.

    I have the ignition line for the head going to my fuse box in an open fuse with ignition cut off...the memory power going to battery...The Amp I have the power with 60A fuse to the same battery terminal. Wiring: 4GA power 4GA ground 18GA remote line from head to amp. The problem is that as soon as the remote line to the amp is connected to the head unit the red light comes on and stays on...I have no output sound...any help would greatly be appreciated!

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    This is a CarPC forum, not a general car audio forum just so you know...

    But the protect light is probably coming on for a reason. Can you use a multimeter and check the voltages at the + terminal to ground as well as the remote terminal to ground. If you connect just power, no audio signals, does the protect come on?
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      check and make sure you have a good ground 99% of the time this is the problem. If not its most likely your POS Sony head unit. Let me guess you bought it at Walmart.


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        Originally posted by blackrosetiger View Post
        If not its most likely your POS Sony head unit. Let me guess you bought it at Walmart.

        sony as a brand has nothing to do with the amp protect light coming on. sure, i don't like sony, and many others do not, but they make acceptable factory replacement units that do emit audio to the standards of many people...

        blackrosetiger: as was already said, try to check everything with a dmm. usually a protect light is caused by a poor power connection, or improper speaker connections.
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          I'm sorry guys, I didn't realize this was carPC I was in a rush to get a thread up I didn't pay attention...Yes 2k1Toaster no audio just power caused the light...I had the ground on bare metal, but ended up trying it on the negative terminal, that solved the problem, the system performs greatly... Thanks for the help you guys!

          @blackrosetiger---haha nah I didnt get it at walmart, I got it at best buy...but yea six or one half dozen really lol