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    Hi gang i'm new here Help please I have 2 subs kicker 12" / 2 sub amps BP150.1 / 2x P80.4 and a brand new head unit kenwood, the amps are already wired together but some RCA's are undone is there some kind of diagram, i need to wire all of this together the right way. I already know where the subs are hooked up on the sub amps ,the hardest part for me would be where all the RCA's go
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    I guess the canned response would be that you're not really at the right forum. This forum, while yes, it DOES have a car audio section, is geared towards car-pc's. There are other, much more suitable boards to discuss help on these matters. That's not to say someone won't chime in with an answer, but there are others on other boards that are more likely to help.
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      may be a better place to look for help.

      IMHO that sounds like an issue not suited for a forum. is it safe to say you spent a pretty penny for all that? then protect your investment and take it to some one that can do it. if its just redoing the wiring your local sound shop should not charge much.


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        i tend to agree with sleepyzomby-- take it somewhere where they know what they are doing, or take the time to research what you are doing...

        a simple help post is not enough for you to thoroughly understand what you need to connect, and more importantly, WHY you need to connect it there...

        car audio is a huge area, and there are tons of posts on many forums on why things are done-- if you have a serious interest in car audio, it is best to do the research..
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