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XA-300 clicks

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  • XA-300 clicks

    Hi... I searched for an answer on the internet... but came up empty.

    I just installed the Sony XAV-70BT... I also purchased the following to go with it...
    - XA-C40
    - XA-300
    - XA-120IP
    - RC-200IPV
    - SCC1
    - SNYSC1

    I have the Headunit XAV-70BT (HU)... the XA-C40 connects (UniLink) to the HU, the XA-300 is connected to Input 1 of HU, Sirius radio is connected to Input 2, and the XA-120IP is connected to Input 3.

    When I actually plug in the XA-120IP the XA-300 clicks, and then the HU even shuts off. I unlug the unilink cable and I can get it to work again... plug it back in... and it does the same thing.

    Anyone have any idea's?? Too many accessories being plugged in?

    I discovered the XA-120IP isnt as good as the RC-200IPV (better display on HU)... so I have no problem eliminating that... but any help is appreciated! Thank you in Advance. MTM

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    no idea...

    you could check your grounds-- in car computers, some users have had similar issues with poorly grounded power supplies.

    btw, this site is mainly dedicated to installing computers in cars, so car audio specific advice is a little slim. there is a stickey at the top of the page with links to a car audio forums..
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      oops. sorry about that. and thanks.