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asio4all + vac on windows 7 no stereo

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  • asio4all + vac on windows 7 no stereo

    HI, i have a D2x card with i3 core 530 on intel DH57JG mobo.


    i am using winamp (riderunner) with KS output going to VAC,

    then to CONSOLE vst host, with ASIO4ALL connecting vac and asio.

    but the output is a DUAL MONO, no stereo just one of the channels duplicated.

    no balance control over winamp or in windows sound options.

    in winamp there is no change during balance change, in windows one of the channels just controls the volume the other does nothing.

    please help!

    tried with centrafuse and winamp without any plugin, just by making VAC defaoult in windows but same.

    without ASIO4ALL VAC and VST host every thing is fine. but digital control over CROSSOVER

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    have you gotten any audio at all? i only ask to make sure that at least something is working-- ie: audio enabled in console, and and everything in vac setup correctly.

    as i said in the other thread,(double posting only confuses things ) i have a consistantly working setup using vac, and audiomulch..

    i did use console for a while, but found that audiomulch has more options.. i actually ran console on a different motherboard then what i have now, but i will do what i can to help.

    i think you said you already did this, but please humor me..

    for starters, forget about asio for now-- setup winamp to output audio in its default format, and set vac as the default audio output in windows.

    in console, set it up to use the windows(wdm) driver for vac, and your soundcard.

    now just link the the inputs, and outputs together-- do not add any plugins..test this and let me know what happens..
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      i did that when i first tried to work with VST, that did work. with stereo.

      the problems started when i began working with asio4all.

      i understand there is a feature in it that makes mono into dual stereo.

      any way ran out of patience and installed XP sp3 yesterday night and it seemed to work with stereo

      did it exactly the same way, winamp KS + vac + asio4all + console.

      and the great thing is that i have full volume control, vac is not configured as the default system sound, just the output for winamp KS. and i have full control over sound through RIDERUNNER.


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        good to hear you got it worked out.

        that is part of the reason i don't use asio4all-- to much hassle, and i can't hear a difference...

        one thing i know i have seen before is that some vst hosts/plugins are not designed for 64bit os's, and so that could have also been part of the problem..
        My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
        "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

        next project? subaru brz
        carpc undecided