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BMW 3 series E46 with Pioneer AVIC-X920BT doable?

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  • BMW 3 series E46 with Pioneer AVIC-X920BT doable?

    After running the carputer with 7" xenarc for few years, I got tired of the maintenance overhead and decided to replace the computer with double-din Pioneer Avic-x920bt (quite a discount at $546; Amazon)..

    I'm wondering if anyone here has done a double-din head-unit installation on E46; if yes I'd appreciate if you can share your experiences. Key features I hope to be able to accomplish are:
    - Steering wheel buttons integration
    - Bluetooth
    - Nav (of course)
    - iPhone and Pandora integration with charging

    Things that I'm concerned about:
    - Can E46 accommodate standard depth of double-din headunits? I intend to try to reuse the bezel from the carputer project but not sure about the issues inside. Even if there is space, I'm curious about possible mounting challenges, overheating etc. Anything you can share here is appreciated.

    - My 2000 E46 has Harman Kardon on it; my assumption is to just remove the headunit and replace with the x920bt; I don't intend to replace anything else. Is this assumption correct?

    - I'm not sure about the streeting wheel control accessories; as the compatibility of these things vary quite a bit. Do you know one that would work with the combination?


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    Depth issue

    Ok I jumped in to get the unit trusting some of the pictures on the web, but turns out my E46 doesn't have the depth allowance. There is some black plastic conduit diagonally passing through the area.. Not sure if it's a model 2000 thing or exist in all E46s.

    Probably not but if anyone have any suggestions on working around this, I'd appreciate.