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Stock BOSE amp with carpc?

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  • Stock BOSE amp with carpc?

    Been doing the carpc thing for awhile but i always had subs with aftermarket amp so i had no trouble wiring my pc. But this time around no subs in my 97 Acura CL that has a stock bose amp. And want to use the stock amp and wiring. I have looked at Line Out Converters but it always has the RCA connections as OUTPUT? Not INPUT. Anyone know of any that can take RCA in, and output speaker wire.

    Heres a link of one that has a lot of different settings but was unsure if the inputs and outputs were bi-directional.

    I made a quick diagram of what im trying to do, lol.

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    you need a amp

    as you described, the bose amp is looking for a high level, or speaker level input-- there are no 'converters' because they already make amps that do that...

    i would recommend a smaller amp-- probably something like a motorcycle amp off ebay--they should be enough power for the bose amp to take the signal
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