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plastic sheet in door

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  • plastic sheet in door

    HEy guys when you install dynamat etc..

    do you guys put back the OEM plastic sheeting that is between the door and the door trimmings?

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    depends on how you decide to do it..

    while, i haven't done any dampening in my car yet(it took me 2-3 years just to get new speakers!), so take it with a grain of salt..

    the sheet is to keep water in the door panel, instead of getting inside the car-- so if you have any large gaps in the dampening material, it could allow water to collect in the door panel..
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      makes sense - i guess it will be a stayer!

      thanks soundman!


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        The plastic sheet is a vapor barrier just like in a house to keep condensation from getting into the cars interior. It's usually in the winter when the outside is colder than the inside, but also when a/c is on in the summer. While your in the door make sure the drain holes are clear. Hope this puts a little light on the subject for you SNO


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          it does eh... thanks for all of your advice!


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            keep in mind your expensive speakers also protrude into the door. so those nice plastic or foam speaker enclosures are nice. may add some more years to your speakers.

            they also work very well as molds for making fiberglass sort of boxes or enclosures for door speakers or components.