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  • kenwood help please

    hi, i have a kenwood cd/usb player.model no...KDC-U546BT.
    i play the usb to the last song ,but to get back to the first song you have to let the last song play fully or scan it to the end.
    does anyone know of a quicker way,i thought you could enter the mp3 number?

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    I'm having trouble with my kenwood 1800watt amp KAC-9103D. It won't turn on any more and I was wondering if u can possibly help me out? PLEASE?


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      to all of the above:

      this forum is primarily for installing computers in cars, so audio specific questions are generally less important. please refer to the sticky at the top of the car audio section for car-audio-specific sites that might have more info on either of your questions.

      but, in a effort to save you both some trouble:

      kazalex1: i do not believe there is any way to do what your asking--though i have been out of the head unit market for a couple of years, and all of my headunits were pioneer, so there could be something specific to kenwoods i am not familiar with...

      pitbull0418: if you haven't checked already, one of the first things anyone will tell you anywhere else is to check the fuses, and check for power at the amp with a voltmeter(if you don't have one, you need one to seriously trouble shoot things like this. and if you don't feel comfortable checking voltage, bring it to a local shop that will fix it for you..)- both constant power, and switched power. and also check that you have a good ground. those are the common mistakes that will not allow a map to turn on.
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