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  • Audio problem.. help!

    When I play audio in CentraFuse, it will only output 2 channels. If I play sound in windows, I get 4 channels.

    I am using a zotac ion 630i motherboard, and through the motherboard's audio software I have it set so that the headphone jack (green) is FL/FR, and the line out jack (blue) is RL/RR. This works in windows.

    How do I get 4 channels in Centrafuse?


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    you can not..
    windows will only output to 4 channels, when there are actually 4 channels (DVD for example).
    you can by pass that by setting your front and rear speakers to output front channels and set windows to 2Channel both right speakers will play the same (the same for left). the draw back is that you won't have surround in your DVD then unless you change it back.
    If you have a creative sound card, it has a setting for "virtual surround" that will solve your problem, but only for creative


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      As I said, this WORKS in Windows. I have set it using software. My onboard motherboard sound supports this.

      What does not work, is when I play it in Centrafuse.

      Windows media player: 4 channels
      Centrafuse: Only 2 channels


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        then you might need to talk to the guru's over at centrafuse, or wait for a cf user to respond-- i use rr, and om..
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