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audio fades while moving, regains when stopped - amp grounding issue?

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  • audio fades while moving, regains when stopped - amp grounding issue?

    When my car is moving, over time, my audio begins to degrade and when I am at a stop light it slowly begins to climb back up. The carpc runs into the amp, into the speakers. Is the amp not getting enough power somehow or is it not properly grounded?

    I have a powerbass amp [ ] that I took out of its case to display it in my trunk, and now I have that issue.

    The ground from the back is secure still but can it be another ground that was inside the amp causing it? There was another one inside, but I attached it to the existing one out the back.
    The connectors that were attached to the case from the circuit-board to use it as a heatsync are just kind of sitting there, but I dont think heatsync cables hold any sort of power that would cause that.

    also: I have another amp that is just running my subs which is not affected by all of this, and they are all running off of the same power source - so maybe it isnt a power issue. so right now if the speakers fade out the subs are staying at full sound.
    I hope this makes sense and any help would be really appreciated, thanks guys.
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    Power isn't distributed efficiently when overheating. Your amp is getting too hot.


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      What was my thought too, but the case is very cool [where the amp is in] - it has fans also, and it's cool to the touch.
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        Unless the amp's rating is a max of ~50W RMS per channel (at 14.4V), it uses internal voltage conversion that may not be as efficient as your other amp. (I found nothing that clarifies this. The fuses suggest max 4x150W RMS output.)

        And without voltage conversion, it will have ~30% less power output at 14.4V (alternator charging) compared to 12V... That's FYI in case it is a voltage versus RPM issue.