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INNOVATEK IN-4032DTM question

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  • INNOVATEK IN-4032DTM question

    Hello fellow head bangers and bass mongers.. Got an Innovatek IN-4302DTM for free...It keeps blowing the 5a fuse in the Choke box, 12+ constant. I wonder if the correct harness came with this unit. here is a picture of the harness.

    this is the Choke box in case some people don't know the reference...

    Anyone who may have Any Innovatek DVD in dash unit have a picture you can share of your harness...At least when I start into this repair I can be confident that I have voltage going where it should be. I have identified the GND pin. I have the manual but prefer the Service manual or a least a Pinout of the harness/ plug on the head unit.

    -= BM =-

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    Does anyone on this planet have a Schematic Diagram to ANY INNOVATEK head unit??? Model Number unimportant...I just need a Schematic of the internal PCB showing the power path thru the Diode, Caps, B+ transistor for power on etc. ANYBODY!! These Chinese units ....Why are they so secretive and Who repairs these? I have contacted the company for a Schematic and twice they sent me an Owners Manual...Maan WTF!?...
    I know some of you are wondering why wast time with this cheap knock off...well, times like these is when I need to kno what makes the Cheapies Tick! $200+ units ain't in the budget right now...and Gasoline prices on the rise..people are going to be Clamming up and tightening up their pockets by getting the burned out units repaired rather than buy new one... Someone Anyone have a schematic for AnY Innovatek head unit..????? Help!


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      Innovatek IN-4032DTM

      2 days after I posted this question, I replaced the 2 2200u farad caps..problem solved.. Been using this unit ever since. Nice unit.