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  • help me make an informed decision

    Hey guys,

    I need your help in deciding on what to purchase in redoing my car audio system.

    I want to do my research and make an informative decision before I shell out any money and I want to do this right the first time and not regret it down the road.

    In my situation i have a 2004 accord ex with an aftermarket HU and a sub.

    I have a panasonic cq-5301u HU avail,
    RF p200,2 2ch amp
    Kicker kx200.2 2ch amp
    6x9 alpine type s
    kenwood kac 729s
    alpine mrp-m450
    12" pioneer ts-w306c

    As you can see my stuff is pretty old and outdated. So I want to re build my system for this xmas break.

    My plan ... Keep the alpine 6x9 for the rear stage since its not really relevent to the drive when hearing stuff from behind.

    But I want a decent set of components up front and properly powered.

    So I am getting a 6.5" component set up front... my current choices are;

    Which is the alpine type r SPr17s
    RF power T1652S
    (or anything on that site around that price range)

    Okay so that gets my components covered!
    Now time for amps ...

    Either I use my current amps and power my speakers or should i get a 4ch amp? 4ch amp would really jack my price up for a decent one, so my other option is this 4ch RF Prime p300-4

    but the thing is that hte PRIME models are a bit more lower end than my 2ch PUNCH line. Should I just keep my punch one for my front components ? and my kickers for the rear? Or should I get a different 2ch amp and power the components to their full potential ? Too many decisions

    And one last thing, my HU is pretty old, I wouldnt mind updating it, but im a bit out of the loop for car audio.

    Is there any SINGLE DIN HU you would recommend or a specific brand?
    What brands are on the higher end now? Any suggestions are welcomed

    Thanks in advance guys

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    Most of the big companies make decent head units if you get into their higher end stuff. Personally I would look for features first like time alignment etc then narrow down brand.

    You may not get a lot of responses here, this site is primarily for the installation and use of PC's in vehicles. I believe there is a thread listing some of the better dedicated car audio sites if you are interested.
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    • #3 may be better for for this inquiry, else an audio forum.

      PS - I see you found [URL=""].
      Hopefully they will respond. (:redface"?)
      But both sites have great contributors....


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        i used to run pioneer hu's back when i needed one(i have had 3, now i run a carpc) all of them were reliable until i got to them (unit 1 survived-- unit 2's sub output committed suicide after a shorted sub rca cable, and unit 3 ended up with a major whine after i injected 12v into the negative rca to try to cure a ground loop..)

        have you heard any of the speakers you are considering?

        alpine and rf speakers can have dramatically different sound qualities-- so i recommend listening first...(i feel alpines s, and r series are tolerable, but rf's tweeters are way to bright-- like 20db to much...)
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