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Replacing Headunit completely

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  • Replacing Headunit completely

    Ok... I'm nearly ready for the carputer to go in the car... and now that Centrafuse has been updated with the latest Aussie Maps I've got renewed energy again...

    Now I've decided I want to remove my headunit completely... I was going to mount it down in front of my gear stick, but there really isn't enough depth, and it would be too hard to make a custom mount that looks factory... so I think I'm better off completely replacing my headunit...

    So I'll have a 4 channel 4x100W Response (Jaycar) Amp (at least for the time being until I can afford to get a better amp) for the front and rear speakers, and then the 820W Response Monoblock for my sub, so I'll need 5 channels, and my current motherboard only has 2 channel out, so I could use splitters to split it into all the channels but that would give no tuneability... so I'm wanting to get a decent 5.1 sound card (probably USB2) that can run direct into the amps... Maybe via a preamp? so that I can have hardware volume control... options??

    I'm thinking I may add a HQTi at a later stage if I miss having AM/FM radio... but I rarely use radio anyway atm so I'll wait and see for that one...

    So I need recommendations for a soundcard and maybe a preamp...

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    what kind of tune-ability are you looking for?
    i know your ditdching the radio, but have you considered remote mounting the faceplate of a removable-faceplate radio?

    balance/fade controls are really case-by-case. some sound cards support sending a stereo audio signal to the front and rear outputs, others don't.

    there are a couple of options for a hardware volume control..

    uyou can use something like this-- some of these have fade controls as well:

    there is also the stand-alond volume controls like this-- the disadvantage is that these require the audio signal to go through them, so if the amps, and carpc ar in back, you have to run a lot of cable:

    and then there is my (pricey) favorite:

    i did a review on them in the review section so you can read that for more details..

    those are the basic options, just don't feel locked into any of the brands--most other brands make similar equipment..
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