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need help in choosing HU-DVD

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  • need help in choosing HU-DVD

    hey all

    basically i have all parts for my system other than the HU
    i have 3way scanspeack (Front),Focal Utopia (Back), amplifiers Xetec Prestige P4 x2 and Gravity G1200, sub's Xetec G10 x3, and possessor Alpine PXA-H900,

    what i need is a HU that will connect to the H900 so there are 2 ways of doing that
    1. threw AiNet so that means i have to have Alpine HU
    2. threw Optical input so that means i need to have HU with Optical output
    3. there is a third way threw RCA L\R but it is only 1 set and i dont want to use that.

    so basically what i need it to have is indash DVD 7" or so, touch, 1 din, USB, play DVD\Divx\Xvid\...
    well you get the point

    i own VW Golf MK4 and since it has 2din i can split it, like take the HU in 1 din and the screen the other, but if that is the case the screen must be car pc capable, cuz i have carPC i can install

    i have carPC from the last car laying around and dont know if i want to put it in my new car
    i really want to avoid 2din units

    if someone can help me i really can use it

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    You have a carPC, why do you need a head unit?


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      as i had in my lask car i had carPC and HU

      i am not the only one who uses the car and i have to consider other ppl as well,

      + most of my drives are very short so i didnt always turned the carPC

      but HU is always handy


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        Originally posted by Anonymous2k View Post
        ...i have to consider other ppl as well,...
        I hear that. Even though my setup loads straight into CF I'm sure any other driver in my family would go insane trying to get the radio on.


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          Why not do the double dine for the monitor and move the HU to the cubby below?


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            dont really want to get into fiber

            i do have 2 dins total and want to use that

            and come on guys dont anyone know a DVD??


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              not around here, i came here because i hate head units..
              My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
              "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

              next project? subaru brz
              carpc undecided


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                What about the CDA-7990? It is the original match for your processor


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                  no MP3 no DVD that's why i dont want it