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Is my sub blown?

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  • Is my sub blown?

    Amp-P1000-1bd rockford
    sub-15" Punch P3 2-Ohm DVC 1000w Subwoofer wired to 4 ohms

    Ok i was listening to my system and it just stopped. For awhile there was a rattling from the box but i thought it was the box coming loose bc it is homemade. Also i had a weird constant humming coming out of the sub. my music could be turned off but it would still hum. Im not sure what happened. My amp still had power and thermal light was not on, so i think amp is ok. i checked my connections on amp and sub but all were snug.

    Any ideas of what happened?

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    could be a lot of things. have you checked for output from the amp? or checked the subs vc with a multimeter?
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      nope, but ill check it and post results