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Renault "Tuner List" analog audio input

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  • Renault "Tuner List" analog audio input

    As many of you I would like to connect an MP3 to my car radio.
    I have a Renault clio phase 2 (2003) which comes with a Tuner List auto radio.
    Unfortunately, this equipment has no aux input.

    I've seen a few people trying to connect a PC through digital input (SPDIF).

    I would like to do something much simpler.
    I wonder if anybody has an idea if it is possible to create an analog audio input by entering before the last power stage? Just soldering a stereo plug that will replace the audio coming from the audio processor by the MP3 player audio.

    Any ideas?

    By the way, do you know what is the audio processor and what is used as power amplifier on this unit?

    Many thanks