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Antenna connector type?

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  • Antenna connector type?

    I just bought an ADS FM module and want to connect it to the stock E46 BMW radio antenna, but I don't know what kind of connector it uses. (I know the ADS uses an MCX connector.) I've spent literally the past 3 hours on google trying to find out. It "may" be a PAL connector, but I can't seem to confirm this. Anyone know for sure?

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    For "sure", no. The normal connector type for the factory am/fm antennas themselves are male Motorola plugs though.

    You could probably find the specific adapter your car uses by punching it into crutchfield, then click on the "view all installation gear", they're usually pretty on the ball for specialized adapters that are needed. This will give you the name of the connector in the details for the adapter you will need should it not be the standard Motorola plug.
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      Okay, my ADS tuner just came in... I guess I'll just take it apart and solder in the antenna coax as a pigtail... Thanks!


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        If you do this anytime soon, could you post some pics of the inside of the tuner, and perhaps of the process? I recently bought one as well and I'm thinking about doing the same thing.


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          Can you tell me if it works? I got the ADS as well, but my reception is very very bad when connected to my e46 stock antenna :-(


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            Ditto. :-/

            I think the issue is that there is no "antenna" per se, but it goes straight back to the signal amplifier. On my car, it's not even powered unless it's getting 12v from the radio. I've tried powering it, but with very little improvement in reception. So at this point I don't know if it's an ADS issue or a E46 issue.