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    I already have Kenwood head unit, KRC-X794. I am on a budget maybe around a $1000 for one set of component/coaxial speakers, one sub and amp(s). I also have a very limited amount of space for the subwoofer so i want to know the best value slim subwoofers in a sealed box. I'd prefer SQ subs but I am open to SQL subs. Lastly, I value sound quality (smooth, detailed and not so harsh), being really loud isn't a priority.

    What would be a good set up to satisfy most if not all of these conditions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    i read a review a while back that clarions slim mount subs hit cleaner then pioneer versions, but have never heard them...

    a great place to start would be, or forum is primarily for installing computers in cars, so there is not as many resources for this)-- their forum is full of people looking for great sq solutions on a budget, and they have many detailed reviews for a lot of drivers.(after carefully reading many of the reviews, i built my own active setup-- some peerless hds mids, and some dayton 1-1/8 tweeters-- the overall driver cost was under $200)

    i will specifically not recommend any brand, because all tastes are different, esp. when dealing with sq nuts
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