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  • USB soundcard suggestions


    I have been considering getting a USB soundcard to *embed* into my car, with the following goals:

    1. Allows me to use smaller computer system (ie: card does most of the heavy lifting)
    2. Allows me to continue to use linux
    3. Provides optical spdif (which feeds into my DSP)
    4. Can work from a powered USB hub
    5. Sounds Good

    Does such a option exist? If so, does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks,


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    Here are some possibilities (from doing a Google search) -- not sure any of them meet all my goals. Specifically, about doing audio on the card itself and being able to work off of a USB hub (ie: is bandwidth a concern).

    What R peoples experiences (if any) with such products? Will these do what I want?


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      i might take this in a different direction, but will try to answer what i know..

      i don't know how many cards are usable on linux, so this might be the first thing to find out..

      i am a little confused on the audio-processing requirements-- your saying that you want the card to grab the audio, and send it onto the DSP, so the motherboard processor doesn't need to get involved?

      i don't believe there is any way to do this-- i believe this is a limitation of usb.. from what i have read,and understood on usb monitors, they lack in many areas because they rely on the main cpu because they are a usb device, and all usb signals must travel through the processor to get correctly, um, processed..(i remember reading about someone that wanted the usb screen to use the memory on a graphics card, and a specific reply that this was impossible because the screen was usb-- i think that this is very similar to your situation/question)

      not sure how low power you are going, but in most cases, usb handles many audio streams fine-- i am running a usb card with 8 analog outputs, and am using 5 with zero audio problems(if you have read my really old posts on it not working, this was due to heavy audio processing on a atom board-- the audio card itself has always worked fine).

      in fact, being that you only need optical, it would be worthwhile to look into a usb-optical-only sound card-- i believe standard analog audio would be more processor heavy then a pure-digital stream that doesn't need to be encoded/decoded by the pc..

      maybe something like this:

      and finally, needing to work from a powered hub-- this is probably going to be trial-and-error.. not something that many know, or is advertised..
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        Thanks Soundman,

        Great information -- I does help a lot. You did understand my request to of-load processing to the USB sound card. So what you explained is very helpful.

        From your post -- it seems you have your card connected directly to the computer USB hub... But I am starting to guess that bandwidth shouldn't be a problem (Someone correct me if I am wrong). This being my biggest concern about connecting this through a powered hub.

        I really like your suggestion -- will have to check to see if it works with Linux.

        Thanks again