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Pioneer DEH-6800MP Ipod input not working

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  • Pioneer DEH-6800MP Ipod input not working

    I bought my truck and it had the pioneer radio in it already and i tried to hook up my mp3 to it and it wont even recognize its plugged in, i have the 3/16-1/8 inch adapter with a male to male aux cord. I tried to see if it was because i was using the headphone jack on my mp3 but i also hooked up my buddy's ipod up to it and it does the same thing. Anybody know what the problem is?

    You can order a new face for it from pioneer, i just didnt want to order on if that was the problem.

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    welcome!! just a warning, this forum is primarily for installing computers in cars..

    but fortunately, i used to only use pioneer radio's..

    you probably need to turn the aux input on in the function menu.

    turn the stereo off, and press and hold the F, or function button for 3-5 seconds. it should pop up with screen to change the time(either the hours or minutes will be flashing, i don't remember) cycle through the menu options, and there should be a AUX on/off spot-- it probably says 'OFF' right now.. i think you can change it using the up/down buttons. once it says on, turn the stereo back on, and you should be able to select AUX as a source.
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      oops sorry i didnt know that.

      But thanks a million, that fixed it.