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i need a am/fm radio!

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  • i need a am/fm radio!

    im about to buy the parts for my car pc and i have realized that i need a am/fm chip or card or some type adapter and i cannot find one! i need good radio! someone help!

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    most tv cards have am/fm radio. you can get usb tv cards too.


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      Radio Shark 2 might be an option.

      If you can find one.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        i want a card with HU reception... is there one that interfaces with your antenna or has good quality. i would also prefer an internal card. any ideas?


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          Its not internal but the Directed HD tuner is tried and true.


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            Word of caution... I just purchased the Directed HD radio unit myself... but nobody has Mitch's cable to interface it to the computer. He said he was in process of releasing a USB cable, but it's not out yet and both store here and mo-co-so are sold out of the old cables.


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              The USB version should be out this week. I will start a thread when we have it.


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                so that tuner does fm/am HD radio, does HD radio have a monthly charge like xm?


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                  HD Radio is free. The difference is that some channels Broadcast in HD, some don't.

                  Best way I can describe it is like TV Channels. Your service provider can send you HD channels, but unless you have an HDTV you won't be anything out of it.

                  I'm sure there is a more technical answer, but that's how i look at it.


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                    can i still get non hd broadcasts?


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                      Check out Visteon HD Radios also

                      To answer your question -

                      Yes, the HD radios will play regular analog AM and FM, as well as HD broadcasts. Many stations have simultaneous analog and HD broadcasts, and the HD tuners switch between analog and HD depending on reception. HD broadcasts also can have multiple feeds accessible by HD tuners - essentially two stations on the same channel.

                      Also, take a look at Visteon HD tuners on eBay. I looked the other day to check prices in case I need a new one (2 years running on my current one). They have several at great prices, both new and used. Also, these units are built for a car environment and should take a pretty good beating.

                      I use Mitch's serial cable to a serial port and have no problems. You can always use a serial-to-USB adapter, which is essentially built into his new USB cables.

                      The radio works great in a variety of skins in Ride Runner. I am currently using DXF 5.03 and can tune all the local stations, both AM and FM with ease and get great reception when connected to my stock antenna with an antenna extension cable (the unit is mounted in the trunk).



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                        FYI There is a new cable that Mitch released for the HD tuners. It is now USB so you dont have to deal with any USB to RS232 adapters. You can find the cable here