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  • Audio Newbie NEEDS help!

    well i have my carputer installed but i have no room for my cd player that was in my dash, i planned on using that as an amp but id have to wire it to the trunk (big pain in the A**)

    So i was wondering if anyone could recommend a really small amp, maybe even powered by a usb port.

    And once said amp was purchased how would it connect to my wire harness?
    How would the 3.5mm jack connect to the amp?

    Also im getting a little humming sound from my on-board audio, is there anyway to get rid of that or would a usb sound-card be needed?
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    An amp powered by a USB port?
    Do you mean limited to 2.5W or up to maybe 10W outout? (RMS of course, that can equate to up to 20W Music Power, 40W peak or 4kW peak.)

    Use headphones!


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      headphones while driving?? doesn't sound very intelligent.

      It doesn't need to be powered by a usb, but maybe controlled by one.
      Never accept STOCK equipment.


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        Originally posted by knownchild View Post
        headphones while driving?? doesn't sound very intelligent...
        Neither is high volume.

        But headphones and amp outputs above 200W does not mean you have to have it loud.

        But for comparison - look at the accident & death rates of pedestrians, joggers, pushbikers etc with mp3 players. Even crack is safer!


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          check ebay for "motorcycle amps" they usually go for around $25-50, and the 2 channel versions are usually around the size of a dollar bill. just check how many speakers you are working with-- if you have 4 speakers, you will need a 4 channel amp(there are ways to hook up 4 speakers to a 2 channel amp, but it tends to get a little complex). it would get connected in the same fashion as a standard car amp-- a detailed description is in the faq's..
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