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Realtec ALC662* codec on intel board... How many channels?

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  • Realtec ALC662* codec on intel board... How many channels?

    Hey Guys,

    I'm running an Intel D945GSEJT board, which uses an audio header + a stereo hookup at the back.

    Im fitting it to a VoomPC case, but also have an HQCT v1 installed.

    I'm struggling to work out the audio routing in the case.

    My VoomPC has 2 x phono outputs on the front panel, but no stereo output or mic input, So currently if I want to use the phono to connect to my car speakers then I cant connect the HQCT or a mic for the car kit...

    Board Tech Spec:

    The board contains an audio connector on the back panel and audio headers on the
    component side of the board.
    Back panel audio connector:
    - Line out
    S/PDIF header:
    - 3-pin header
    Front panel audio header (supports both AC 97 and HD Audio):
    - 10-pin header (for headphones/mic)
    Internal mono speaker header:
    - 2-pin header
    - Supports a 1.5 W/8 Ω speaker

    The front/back panel audio connectors are configurable through the audio device
    The audio stream for the line-out port is routed according to these dependencies:

    By default the audio stream is down-mixed to mono and amplified for an internal
    mono speaker.
    A connection is detected at the rear line-out port, the audio stream goes to the
    rear line-out port and the internal mono speaker is disabled.
    Then the pinout

    Pin 1 - Ground
    Pin 2 - S/PDIF out
    Pin 3 - VCC (5V)

    Front Panel Audio Header for Intel HD Audio
    Pin 1 - [Port 1] Left channel
    Pin 2 - Ground
    Pin 3 - [Port 1] Right channel
    Pin 4 - PRESENCE#
    Pin 5 - [Port 2] Right channel
    Pin 6 - [Port 1] SENSE_RETURN
    Pin 7 - SENSE_SEND (Jack detection)
    Pin 8 - Key (no pin)
    Pin 9 - [Port 2] Left channel
    Pin 10 -[Port 2] SENSE _RETURN

    Front Panel Audio Header for AC 97 Audio
    Pin 1 - MIC
    Pin 2 - AUD_GND
    Pin 3 - MIC_BIAS
    Pin 4 - AUD_GND
    Pin 5 - FP_OUT_R
    Pin 6 - FP_RETURN_R
    Pin 7 - AUD_5v
    Pin 8 - KEY (no pin)
    Pin 9 - FP_OUT_L
    Pin 10 -FP_RETURN_L

    I am quite happy to make my own leads etc.

    I'm thinking I need a mic socket, some kind of aux input (to connect the HQCT) and then the standard phono sockets at the front...

    Using AC'97 I'm guessing pin 1 and pin 3 to connect to the mic, but any ideas which pins to connect the HQCT?

    I've got no idea on the other pin out