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Visteon HD Zoom problem. Is it dead?

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  • Visteon HD Zoom problem. Is it dead?

    Powers up, but only displays the logo on the LCD. Buttons on LCD module don't work, remote doesn't work.

    I haven't tried to talk to it via serial port and am wondering if it's worthwhile to invest the time.


    Thanks in advance,

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    I realize this post is now over a month old, but I had a Visteon HD Zoom radio with the same problem and fixed it. Here is what I found:

    I removed power and then opened the radio receiver box (two screws on left/right sides). I noticed that the circuit is a main board with a large daughter card on top. The daughter card connects to the main board with a long row of pins. It is possible for this daughter card to become dis-lodged from its connector. I carefully reseated the daughter card to the main board with a small amount of pressure.

    I powered it up and everything now works. Not sure if this is your problem, but mine was acting exactly as you described.