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What kind of speakers should I use?

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  • What kind of speakers should I use?

    Hi all,

    I just finished putting a aftermarket receiver in my 2006 Mazda Tribute i.

    System sounds pretty good with the stock speakers, but I really want to see if it can sound any better. Right now I just have the 4 stock speakers since my car didn't come with the upgraded audio option.

    I'm looking to put in 4-way speakers in the front and I'm not sure if I should go with 2way. 3way, 4way, or full range in the rear.

    I'm not going to be running any amps or subs yet.

    The speakers I am considering for the front are PIONEER TS-A6882R. For the rear I can either use the same, or put in
    Pioneer TS-G6843R (2way), Pioneer TS-A6872R (3way), Pioneer TS-D6802R (Full Range).

    What do you all think is my best option? I don't really want a component system because I don't want to have to figure out where to put the tweeters and crossovers.


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    get really good ones!!

    i would go with the Pioneer TS-D6802R all the way around.. which is 2-way speaker, but it uses a 1-1/8" edge-driven tweeter instead of the other ones that use a center-driven tweeter--those have less control, and less loudness...

    the others--3&4-way are junk-- there is no audible difference with the extra little drivers--in fact, they are un-enhanced piezo elements, so they offer zero audio advantage(my cousin tried those once, and even with your ear next to them, you can barely hear them)
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      I've got the 2004 Tribute, and ended up putting components in the front doors, the main 7x5's in the stock door positions, then all I had to do with the tweeters was cut the right size hole in the wing mirror covers, there is plenty of room in there to mount.

      Thats if you are looking for components, which I know you said you weren't, but thats just to give an idea of where to put them

      Although, now that I have upgraded from the stock speakers, my new ones lack a lot of the lower bass that the stock speakers had

      Got Kicker components in the front doors, and JL Audio I think in the back doors, driven from a Sony Xplod 4x100rms amp under the passenger seat.

      The only problem I had with my install was that I couldn't run new audio leads to the doors, because Mazda use plug headers on the chassis edge and the door edge, with the rubber hose boot between, so if you want to run new leads, you have to try to pull the headers out (A nightmare), then drill holes through them, and then run the leads. I ended up just reusing the stock leads for the speaker runs.


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        Thanks for the advice!

        @Chester: Do you remember what kind of speakers were in there stock? The wattage? The brand?


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          They were just generic 5x7" speakers, nothing stamped on them aside from 25W, which was probably the peak value of mine

          But the good thing being, the steel frame they are mounted into is pretty solid, although I find the outer door skin vibrates a bit, and could definitely do with some deadening.


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            I know the 2005-2007 were remodeled from the 2001-2004 model. I wonder how different they are. The stock speakers actually produce a pretty decent amount of bass. The stock HU didn't do them justice....

            I don't really listen to the music to loud anymore. I'm almost 27, married, and the wife hates it when I blast the music.....

            I will open up the door panels one of these days and see what kind of speakers I have in there. I just really don't want to have to mess with component systems.

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