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Directed HD Connect Car Radio

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  • Directed HD Connect Car Radio

    is the Directed HD Connect Car Radio what i need to get am and fm into my carputer?

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    thats what i use


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      is there any where i can get the manual for it? how are you powering it?


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        And as for the power - it comes with a cable that connects to your 12V, IGN, and GND wires.
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          i just have it wired to 12v and gnd, triggered by the psu trigger relay. i have no manual and it is really easy to work, just hooked the yellow to 12v, the black to gnd and the red to my trigger, plug in the antenna and serial cable and your off. oh, also the audio.


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            if your using for carpc, it need to be on when the pc is on, so wiring RED to ignition is NOT a good choice
            since if your pc is going into standby when you turn off the key, it will still need to talk to tuner till its done the standby process

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