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Something's not right (obviously). But I'm postive my wiring is. (amp problem)

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  • Something's not right (obviously). But I'm postive my wiring is. (amp problem)


    Let me just say that I do have a bit of experience installing audio systems in various cars. I have most experience in setting up subs to both stock and aftermarket systems.

    Now, I've installed a 12 inch sub with an Alpine MRP-650 mono amp in a friend's M3. That setup worked flawlessly for as long as it has been set up (about half a year). He recently came up on three JL 10w3's and a JL 1000/1 amp and asked me to install all that for him. I removed the first setup, and I took out the battery lead wire fuse so there wouldn't be any accidental shorts.

    A few days later I finished building his custom box holding the three 10 inch subs, and went to install it along with the 1000/1 and putting the 100A fuse back in. We turned the car on and low and behold, the amp doesn't turn on. It's okay, I thought, the JL amp is just broken. So today I went to install the Alpine amp, and still nothing (I KNOW this amp is not broken).

    So I did some tests. I took my VOM and measured the voltage between the 12+ and ground connects on the amp, reading around 13.75v with the engine running. Between REM and ground read around 12v. I read the continuity from the REM connection on the Peripheral SVENR to the REM connect on the amp, showing perfect continuity. Same with the SVENR 12+ connection. FYI, all grounds are grounded to factory locations with wires not exceeding 1ft.

    Heres a quicklist of stuff you might need to know to help:

    Setup 1:
    -4ga wire, 100A fuse
    -Alpine SWS-1222 Sub
    -Alpine MRP-650 Amp
    -Peripheral SVENR 2CH Line Output Converter w/ Remote Amp Turn-On

    Setup 2:
    Same as setup 1 except three JL 10w3-D6's

    Any input, ideas?

    Thanks in advance,

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    When you run the REM straight from the battery, what happens?


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      sometimes factory locations are not the best spots to ground aftermarket equipment-- esp audio gear. did you sand the paint off the area to ensure a good connection?

      and i should warn you-- this forum is primarily for installing computers in cars, so the responses might be limited..

      you check the sticky at the top of the car audio section for a list of car audio-specific sites.
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        Originally posted by whats77inaname View Post
        When you run the REM straight from the battery, what happens?
        You mean give the REM connection power from the 12+ constant? Nothing happens.


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          Any updates? I'm curious to find out the solution.