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Ipod to Amp, No head unit. Possible?

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  • Ipod to Amp, No head unit. Possible?

    Need some help!

    Wanting to hook my ipod up to my amp in my car with out a head unit. This way I can just have my ipod somewhere near the drivers seat and have all my music right at my fingers.

    Have bought an AV CABLE ( to connect ipod to amp via rca.

    Will this work? Any advice would be great.


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    Just connect your ipod to a 3mm to rca cable directly to your amp. $2 solution. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      sonic is right-- i replied in more detail in your other thread on the same subject...
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        will work

        i used this exact set-up in my old car for a couple of months while carpc was getting built. worked beautifully. just make sure you turn turn ipod on before car starts or you will get that nasty pop through speakers. also, with that component cable you bought, you will have no volume adjustment. if you use a headphone -> RCA adapter you can control ipod volume.
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