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Developing VSTs for the car audio group?

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  • Developing VSTs for the car audio group?

    Been looking through the vast arrray of VSTs available. There are VSTs to accomplish almost every task...ten fold. But, very few, if any, are car audio/pc specific, and by that, I mostly mean the GUI isn't usable on such small screens.

    A CarPC specific VST I'd like to see is a single VST that includes crossover, time alignment and level control for 6-8 channels with a single page interface that allowed adjusting time/level with the swipe of a finger.

    Unfortunately, this is far beyond my abilities. So, I got to looking around for open source VSTs and found This site offers several open source VSTs.

    My question is if there are any programmers that could take these and modify them to include a GUI that's CarPC friendly?

    I know I'd be willing to donate $$$ to the cause I'd also be willing to beta test as needed.

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    while i agree that there are not any car-specific, or larger icon plugins, and think such a interface re-design would help a little in a car environment, i am not to crazy about implementing everything in one .dll

    i have run into many poorly/quickly designed plugins that use a lot of unnecessary cpu power to do certain tasks, or have unresolved bugs that prevent full usage, and because of this, a separate plugin environment is ideal because it allows you to track down errors, and figure out which specific plugin is causing the problems.

    the other thing that should be pointed out-- i use a keyboard with a touch pad to perform any audio setting changes, as audio settings are quite sensitive, so it is not something i would want to encourage to be done while in motion..
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      The thing about an all in one plugin (there are several that come close), by the time you cram all your features onto that one plugin, all the buttons, text and crap have to be small unless you go to a tabbed or menu approach. There is only so much to fit onto a 800x600 screen. As an exercise if you are handy with photoshop or similar editing program, draw out a screen with all the features you want. See how it would look at 800x600.

      I also prefer the modular approach. My wish is to be convert windows VST's for use in linux.

      Seriously though, how often are you screwing with the settings? If you are a constant tweeker, maybe you should get a midi controller (something like a BCR2000) and assign all the buttons to your VST's. Then you can tweak away. I just use a mouse when it's time to try something new. Not trying to be negative just realistic. I'd like to see someone attempt the photoshop GUI challenge though, then we could see. Maybe even good old paper and pencil.

      Edit: looks like someone might be working on a non-vst way of getting it done.
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