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Tower PC to stereo audio options

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  • Tower PC to stereo audio options

    Trying to hook up Windows 7 machine with PCI 5.1 sound card to new ALpine head unit with optional aux RCA input cable. No dice with trying to use 3.5mm to RCA adapter plug for audio output from PC. Get nothing on Aux input on stereo this way.Tried hooking straight to zx1500:1 Kicker amp and 350:4 Kicker amp and just get extremely loud buzzing with no sound from PC going through system. Sound card does have an optical out but not sure if there is a device to convert this to RCA or not. This is for a party bus application so sound quality is fairly important. Didn't want to go to FM modulation if at all possible. Please help!!

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    Maybe this will help. It's a toslink/coax digital to analog converter.

    You may want to check the cable and/or the y-splitter/adapter you are using to connect the sound card to the amplifier.
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      Use the green plug on the PC. If there is no sound coming out of that port then it could be many things.

      1) Are the soundcard drivers installed?
      2) Is the sound muted?
      3) Is the soundcard selected as the default card?
      4) Is optical out selected instead on analog as the default?

      I wouldn't bother with optical out unless your headunit accepts this type of signal.

      Once you have sound and there is still buzzing, are you using a power inverter instead of a DC-DC power supply?
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