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Onboard vs. External Sound Card

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  • Onboard vs. External Sound Card

    High all. I'm new to CarPC, but I'm a little advanced in audio. Below are my system specs:

    MB: Zotac F-series
    RAM: 2GB
    HDD: 320GB SATA
    Video: Onboard
    Sound: Onboard 5.1
    Power: M3-ATX
    OS: Win7 Home Premium

    My question is in regards to the sound card. Has anyone compared onboard sound cards to the external solutions? It appears there is a bit of digitalization using my onboard sound device and I'm thinking that if I were to use the S/PDIF output going to an external sound card near my amps, that it would sound better. I just want to get someone's experience on this before shelling out $300 for a sound card only to see no difference.